Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Welcome little Ali!

One of my co-workers was blessed with a beautiful little girl on July 30th, so I created this little card for her.  (Her older brother got the proud big brother card I made.)  Anyone who has been to my house knows I'm partial to giraffes - okay my husband would say that I'm ADDICTED and OBSESSED with them and so this cute stamp from Paper Smooches totally called to me!!

I have been on a big kick to try and use up some of my scraps.  And after doing a quick inventory, I know I have way too many!!  I have been trying to not cut into a new piece of pattern paper or card stock and use up the supplies that I have. 

I haven't been crafting a whole lot besides working on baby thank you cards and even that has been fairly slow going.  I have been bitten by the nesting bug and WOW - my house thanks it!!  I have cleaned and organized all but 2-3 rooms in the house - the master bathroom (I have done spot cleaning - just haven't pulled out all the stops and scrubbed it down), my craft room (mainly because I don't know where to start - part of me wants to sell a bunch of what I have and start over, this time being a lot more reasonable and smart about what I am purchasing) and the spare bedroom downstairs (which really doesn't need cleaning).  In the above picture, I'm 38 weeks and I felt AMAZING that day.  I was trying to see the bright side of life - as it would have been the first day back to work for me if I wasn't expecting.  I have been so fortunate to have felt really good this whole pregnancy - just in the last week, I have started feeling miserable.  I have another doctor's appt tomorrow and I'm really hoping she will give me an induction date, as I'm over my due date.  We know the baby is a healthy weight and I really don't want to give birth to a million pound sucker.

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