Thursday, August 27, 2009

Friday Sketch

This is the card I made for Amy's Friday Sketch: I've decided that for every sketch I'm going to try and make a Christmas card, so I'm not totally scrambling come December.

Candy cane stamps are from Hambo Stamps and the sentiment is from one of Amy's collections at All That Scraps.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy 50th!

This is the card that I made for Jeff's mom. His parents love Cooper and they are always calling him their grand puppy! This card came together fairly easily and I'm so happy with how it came out. Basic grey papers, a stamp from Verve stamps and some ribbon from All That Scraps and it's a done deal. I absolutely love this card!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Cards, cards, cards!!

So I have been creating up a storm in my basement - when I should probably be doing the dishes but when a girl's got an idea, you have to go with it, right? The first card is a thank you card. I had originally made it to be given to a service group who made a donation to the local fire department. Then - the fire chief informed me that one of the members of the department (which is volunteer) had to quit because she moved away. So it's a toss up and I can always make another one. I was just so pleased with how this turned out.

The bee/bear card was for a co-workers birthday. I had been meaning to make her a card and kind of always got side tracked when I went into the basement. I whipped it up fairly quickly and while I'm not 100% happy with it ... it turned out well. I know I am my worst critic! Stamp can be found at

I had a friend ask me to make a card for a co-worker's birthday. The receipent is someone totally fun loving and would appreciate a good joke. I love this card - it turned out how I had wanted it too ... and because it's for a guy, I think I managed to make sure it wasn't too girly!! Stamps from

Tropical Wedding Card

I had a friend ask me to make a card for her 'sister-in-law', who is having a destination wedding this fall. I had this idea come to me quite quickly and am fairly pleased with how it turned out. I love it when my ideas come together and actually turn out like how I've envisioned them in my head. Overall the card is fairly simple but I think it convey's the message quite well!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happily Ever After

Okay - so I did a couple cards tonight ... the first one I just had the finishing touches to put on tonight and the other one came together in like 5 minutes. I love cards like that!

I used a square image instead of the circle because the image I wanted to use, wasn't round but I think it works well.
This card is for a relative who is getting married in September and her shower is coming up. It's a immediate family only wedding and the Canadian celebration not until next fall, so I thought this would be a nice card (in one of the colours that she has been using) - something a little different and not common, well, for a wedding card anyways.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bring on the babies!!

So I felt as thought I had been in a bit of a funk - there didn't seem to be much creative juice flowing and it totally bothered me because I wanted to get a couple cards done at least. Tonight I manged to finish 5 cards! I used the same lay out for a couple of them but I'm really happy with how they turned. Out of the 5 cards, 4 were 'baby' cards and the other, which I will post later, along with another one I finished a couple days ago, are just random 'feel good' cards. The nice thing, for all the baby cards, I used paper that I had laying around - I didn't tap into anything new. I'm really bad for not going through my pads of paper, so tonight, that was one of my goals.

Paper - from my stash
Bling and brads - from my stash (I think the online Ebay vendor I bought them from is out of business now)
Stamps: from a couple different collections from The Verve -
**(I adore Verve stamps - I think because I'm a sentiment person and their sets always seem to be perfect!)
Ribbon - white sheer from

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Amy R's Friday Sketch

So I'm new to this game ... I always check out the sketches but I just don't get around to ever making a card using the featured weekly sketch. This was my go at it for this week. It's not overly fancy but I think it's a good start. You can find Amy's blog here:

C.C. Designs Presents Cookie Crumbs Get Well Critters Stamps
scrap pattern paper and cardstock I had literally laying around from another project

Photo Cards

I love doing photo cards - I think it comes from the whole fear of images and colouring them. Plus - I love how it totally personalizes a card. These are three of my most recent creations - one for my BC sister Carmen who just got engaged and the other for a good friend of mine, Merrick, who is a total superstar! The birthday one is for my besty Stacey - who I think I would be lost without! She can make me crack a smile or laugh or just think on the positive side with one look.

I usually do some photo editting with Picnik and print the photos off at home using my Kodak multi-purpose printer.
Stamps by Verve Stamps
Ribbon and Embellishments
Card bases from Zellers
Pattern Paper by and Michaels

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Here's Me ...

So I've been a fan of sending snail mail and cutesy little cards for as long as I can remember. I've got a huge storage container filled with store bought cards that I've purchased, just so I would always have some on hand, 'if I needed one'. I decided to give card making a try because it adds that special little touch and I like that it can be personalized. I'm just learning still and still have oodles of supplies I would love to buy but I'm going to give it a try. I can already see how much I have progressed since I started - must say I'm almost a little embarrassed by some of my first attempts. Up until recently, I've really shied away from images on my cards because I just wasn't sure how to get them coloured properly. I'm sure I'm not doing it perfectly and I don't own any Copics but I am slowly embracing the transition. One of the things I would like to consider a speciality is personalized picture cards, which I'm hoping to post some pictures of later. I'm also not one of those people who really pays attention to what supplies they are using, although I am working on getting better. All just a matter of time (or at least that's what I keep telling myself)!

Here's the first card of what I hope to be many. A friend of mine who worked here for a little while and then headed back to Australia recently had a little run of bad luck and fractured his leg in 2 places and dislocated his ankle. He's laid up for a while and he's already going crazy, so I thought I would send him a cute little card (and a care package) once I get around to it.

C.C. Designs Presents Cookie Crumbs Get Well Critters Stamps
Pebbles Candy Dots White
May Arts Textures & Two Tones Brown/Antique Gold 5/8"
Pattern paper and brown cardstock
Card base (something I picked up at Zellers of all places a couple months ago)
Ink: Versamagic Dew Drop: Niagara Mist
All supplies unless noted are from