Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Couple Cards To Share

My best friend is expecting twins - she is technically due December4th but I believe they are looking at mid-November at the latest as she has had some issues. They also kept the pregnancy to themselves as long as possible and once it was out, they kept the twins part a secret for about a month longer. I've known for months and months ... so it's nice to be able to be able to at least acknowledge it!! I was getting really good at denying everything and anything associated with Stacey and pregnancy!! This is just a really simple card - using Picnik to do a little photo editting. They aren't finding out what they are having - although I've got a feeling one is a boy ... so I wanted to keep the card fairly gender neutral.

The second card I want to share tonight is the wedding card I did for Carmen and Carlo, who got married in Kelowna at the end of August. I was a little off on their wedding colour (the blue lighter and not so much teal - more Tiffany's blue with a tinge of sea green ...) but I lke the simpleness of the card. And I love using a picture and making the card that little bit more personal. I wasn't there when they opened their wedding gift from Jeff and myself (I gave them a box of 40-ish hand made cards which made Carmen cry, as cards have always been our connection through the years - we send each other snail mail all the time).
I had a great card day today - got several done that I had been wanting to work on but hadn't had any real solid ideas. I'm hoping to have some more of those cards to post this week.

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