Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday!

So I needed a funny card for a 50th birthday party we were invited to but were unable to attend. This is originally not at all what I had planned on doing for the card ... I was in the shower getting ready to face the day and knew I wanted to use some of my Hambo stamps but as I'm in the process of mounting them all on the thin E-Z mount foam, I couldn't find all the stamps that I had wanted to use. And I can't even recall the name of this stamp set - I think I was given it without identifying information, as it's just tucked in an accordian folder with my other 'nameless' stamp sets. Overall, that card came together super quick and it's going to be so easy to use this card layout for a variety of cards ... so maybe I will get crafting again today! Especially since it's my last day before I head back to work tomorrow.

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