Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy 90th!!

My in-laws have been invited to a 90th birthday party for a lady who used to live in town and wanted me to whip up a card for her.  I had a couple different images in my mind but I haven't used this oldie for a while and given Grace's sense of humor, I knew it would be a bit.  Once again, I reached only to my scrap pile and found these papers.  I also absolutely love my cuttlebug, so I ran the blue and green pieces through 2 different folders. 

Now I just have to get working on my baby thank you cards.  I have come up with a pretty simple (yet beautiful in my opinion) that should be easy enough to mass produce.  Fingers crossed anyways.

And I'm still working on cleaning up my craft room, wit th ultimate goal being to paint it and make it beautiful!!  And to never get as cluttered as it is!!

Fingers crossed I can get my stamps sorted through!  I'm going to be selling a bunch of them because the more I look at my stash, the more I realise I have a whole bunch that I haven't even inked up yet!!

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