Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Merrick!

So after being completely consumed with Pinterest, I should have more then enough card ideas to last me a long, long time!!  And I have come to realise that I also over think cards way too much and end up investing way too much time in them.  There are some stunning and beautiful cards that don't appear to be super labour intensive. 

This card had to be popped in the mail, so I didn't add all sorts of bells and whistles to it, as that just adds to the postage (BOOO!!) - shouldn't they just be happy that some people still snail mail??

I have a few cards that I need to make in the next few days - a wedding card for my cousin's wedding which is tomorrow that I'm going to have to miss unfortunately and then my best friend's birthday which is Monday.  I had the flu on Monday and am still not feeling great.  I have lost a lot of weight because of the flu (making my pregnancy weight gain just over 10lbs, which isn't a lot) and so the doctor is a little concerned.  She has me scheduled for an ultrasound on Monday and I'm to take things easy and rest a lot, as this little one could make an appearance any time now.

So here's hoping I can get some crafting moments in later tonight - I'm just doing some baking since I managed to get a little bit of energy and I wanted to make something special for Jeff, as he has been so good with me being sick and everything lately.

I am just going to whip up a blueberry/strawberry pie and then 3 different kinds of cookies to have in the freezer for once the baby is born and we have some company.

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