Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First time - embossing!

So, I'm not entirely happy with how this card turned out but being my first time that I have ever embossed, I'm okay with it. I just recently purchased the supplies required for embossing and I will be adding to my collection very soon - because I am addicted!! I needed to whip up a quick THANK YOU card, as I received some lovely gifts from the school staff when I was done on the 4th. I didn't want to purchase a card and nothing I had really was working for me. I had the majority of this card sitting in pieces on my desk and this morning added the sentiment and ribbon ... and the stitching - which I LOVE!! Hard to believe I didn't pull out the needle and thread long, long ago. I have a few cards that I've been requested to make, a 60th birthday card, 2 anniversary cards for 2 couples very near and dear to my heart and a box of 20-ish birthday cards. A little nervous about the last order but really looking forward to it as it really allows me to be creative. Being off work, I had anticipated being bored out of my mind because I like to be busy but it has been anything but that. I've been called in to work several times on a casual basis and I'm going for election training, as I'm woring our federal election at the end of the month. Anyways, more on that later - need to get my supper ready :)

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