Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wonderful Mother

I was asked by a teacher friend to see if I could create a card for her kids to make for Mother's Day. Of course I jumped at the offer but have been super nervous since. My friend works at a Hutterite Colony, so I wanted to do something tasteful yet really fun and different for the kids (I think there are 14 of them from Kindergarten to Grade 8) but I also wanted to respect their traditions etc and not get too crazy. I really like how it all turned out and it was really easy to do. I think the kids will have a great time, which is what it's all about and it will be easy to create something similar for a Father's Day card as well. And I'm excited because I now have a design for all the Mother's Day cards I am going to be creating - for my mom, Jeff's mom, both grandma's and of course my bestie Stacey! And I think I might also whip up one for a close friend of ours - she is expecting her 1st bambino mid-June and we found out she was admitted yesterday to the hospital - needing to be on bed rest. So something like that would cheer her up ... I'm also hoping to ship up a Journal Jar for her - if she is going to be forced to hang out in the hospital for the next while, she will need something more to do then stare at the tiny TV screen and worry about what's going on. I've been there, done that, read the handbook when Stacey was hospitalized and well, it gets old, pretty darn fast!!

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