Friday, August 21, 2009

Cards, cards, cards!!

So I have been creating up a storm in my basement - when I should probably be doing the dishes but when a girl's got an idea, you have to go with it, right? The first card is a thank you card. I had originally made it to be given to a service group who made a donation to the local fire department. Then - the fire chief informed me that one of the members of the department (which is volunteer) had to quit because she moved away. So it's a toss up and I can always make another one. I was just so pleased with how this turned out.

The bee/bear card was for a co-workers birthday. I had been meaning to make her a card and kind of always got side tracked when I went into the basement. I whipped it up fairly quickly and while I'm not 100% happy with it ... it turned out well. I know I am my worst critic! Stamp can be found at

I had a friend ask me to make a card for a co-worker's birthday. The receipent is someone totally fun loving and would appreciate a good joke. I love this card - it turned out how I had wanted it too ... and because it's for a guy, I think I managed to make sure it wasn't too girly!! Stamps from

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