Monday, October 11, 2010

Babies on the brain!

So - I have a pile of baby gifts in my spare room, just waiting to go to their new homes and well, I had no cards to go with them. I have had lots of ideas in the last little while but absolutely no time (or energy for that matter) to actually sit down and craft. That and my craft room is an ABSOLUTE disaster so when I do go in there (usually to drop off something for the room), I get so overwhelmed because there is just SOOOOOO much stuff in the room, that I don't even know where to start! Not only is it my craft room, it's also where I have all my Scentsy and Stampin Up supplies and quite literally, it's just become a dumping ground. So - here's hoping in the next couple weeks, I can get things a little more organized and get things cleaned up and sorted.
I do have a couple cards to share. I felt awful for missing last week's ESS challenge so I made it a point to stamp and create today (which was easier to do since it's a little damp and rainy outside, so I couldn't finish my painting). Both these cards are for the ESS challenge 103. I love the layout and how Tracy is pushing me to use circles in my work ... I'm more of a straight lines kind of girl. Both of these cards were VERY simple to make, once I decided what stamps I wanted to use ... however looking at them now, they are too simple for me. I wish I had run the background paper through either the Big Shot or the Cuttlebug, to give it a little more dimension. Both cards are for little girls but the giraffe one is more for the new father of one of the little girls. He's a very manly man, loves hunting and stuff like that, so I thought while the present is very pink, he might not mind having this card on display.
I still have several cards I need to make, so maybe at some point today I will get down there. I also need to work on my Halloween costume since the one I ordered, hasn't made it here yet and won't today because it's Thanksgiving Monday.

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  1. Yay Megs!!!! Look at you working those circles. And not just one card, but 2!!! These are completely adorable. You did a GREAT job with the sketch. Glad I could help push you. *wink* Thank you so much for playing along with Sketchy Thursday!