Monday, October 18, 2010

Remember When ...

Sadly, I have the need for more sympathy cards. There have been a few people pass away in the last month that really deserved a special card to help remember the loved one that has passed away. Which is great ... because I did get those cards made ... but do you think I can find them now? Not a chance ... I am missing the two sympathy cards, along with one of the baby cards I've made recently) ... which isn't any good because I finally have a few days to sit down and put something heartfelt into the cards, instead of the usual - with deepest sympathy and then signing my name. So that hunt will take place later today! I've got a couple things I have to do at some point today (my car needs looked at) and I need to make a quick pit stop over at the bank.

And because I can't resist, we have a new addition to our family!! A couple week-ends ago I was outside working on some trim painting (which still isn't finished ... grrrr!) and I found this friendly (although she looks a little scary here) kitty in the yard. She came right up to me and is seriously super friendly! I love her to pieces (especially since the other kitties here really don't want anything to do with humans, as long as their food dish is filled up.) She's quite the character and her and Cooper have already gotten to be friends ... not best buddies yet but they are on their way!! We had been talking about getting a kitty since the others are old, we just didn't think one would get dropped off on our door step ... or however she arrived! Her name is Meow Meow ... or as Jeff puts it, 'Whine Whine'.

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