Saturday, October 9, 2010

happiness always

This was a quick and simple card I made for Jeff's parents anniversary. I'm super sad to say it's been the last thing I have stamped since the 29th of September ... which is AWFUL! I find stamping to be very theraputic and well, I am definitely needing some of that right now.

I have so many cards I need to make ... I have baby presents lined up in our spare bedroom and have to wait until I have cards before I can send them to their new 'homes'.

It's been a really busy time of year with harvest being as delayed as it is, along with school sports and Kinettes and so I'm actually somewhat excited that I can veg out tonight - well, at least try to. I have a newsletter I have to get sent out for Kinettes tonight, along with a letter to other Kin clubs ... and I should make some sort of dessert, since I'm hosting supper tomorrow night.

Here's hoping I have a few more days of relaxing ... thank goodness Monday is a holiday!

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